Postpartum Emotional Recovery Circle

This group meets for a six-week series on Sundays from 10:45am to 12:15pm. The group is intended for mothers struggling with the emotional adjustment to motherhood, and experiencing symptoms such as:

  • sadness
  • excessive guilt
  • perfectionism
  • disturbing thoughts or worries
  • hopelessness
  • irritability or anger
  • exhaustion
  • insomnia, or
  • stress-related physical symptoms.

Meri Levy has run groups for new mothers for several years, and finds that mothers with emotional difficulties benefit enormously from connecting with other moms in a safe, supportive environment, where it is acceptable to be “real” about both the rewards and challenges of motherhood, while regaining emotional balance and clarity.

She generally meets with prospective group members at least once to become acquainted and to discuss their experience and learn about the group. She asks that new members commit to one six-week session, in order to create a sense of safety and stability in the group, and to encourage moms to make a commitment to their own self-care during this challenging time. All members are asked to commit to a Postpartum Emotional Recovery Circle Participation Agreement.

Topics Covered:

The following topics will be covered during the six-week series, in addition to plenty of time for mutual sharing and support:

  • The causes and symptoms of postpartum emotional difficulties and treatment options
  • Coping strategies for anxiety, negative thoughts, and physical symptoms, including mindfulness techniques, improving self-talk, and finding positive outlets for negative feelings
  • The influence of our own family of origin, and understanding the issues that come into play as we become mothers and create a new family
  • How to increase self-care and find ways to get additional support and help from others
  • Ways to improve communication with your partner and bonding with your baby as you recover.

Session Fees:

The cost to register for the group is $35/session ($210 for the six weeks), payable at the first group session. The cost of the pre-group screening session is $120, and additional individual sessions (if desired) are $120/session. A sliding scale and/or payment plan is available for clients with low or moderate income, so please don’t hesitate to call if you are interested in participating in the group.

To register, call Meri at 925-385-8848 or Contact Me.